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Reliable solutions for tough situations

From designing the first municipal electric fire alarm system in 1852 to developing self-programming fire panels today, we continue to build on a legacy of solutions that protect people and property.

Fewer expenses, more control

Save time and labor costs by combining SWIFT wireless technology with a hardwired fire alarm control panel.


Performance you can feel

Discover the industry’s first fire alarm control panel with intuitive touchscreen technology.


Reliability in difficult environments

Our Class B BDA solutions provides reliable two-way communication —  critical for businesses and first responders.


Our Elite Distributor network

Need information about services, setup or customer service? We can help you find a trusted distributor near you.



Real solutions for real-life situations

Browse through our case studies to learn how our fire safety solutions help protect schools, historical sites, hospitals and more.

The technology behind greater safety

From educational to industrial facilities, our lifesaving solutions help protect people and property all around the world. Discover how we can help you improve your building’s fire safety.