Make building access just an app away

The Vector Occupant App turns smartphones into digital IDs that help people find their way more easily and report problems as they occur.

Replace ID passes with smartphones

Our app turns phones into building ID cards, making it easier to manage and provision them. It helps reduce casual pass abuse because people who loan out their building passes usually won’t hand over their phones. It was created for Android and iOS, and carries your branding.

Virgin Money UK moves its access passes onto phones

Help people find their way without signage

GPS-like technology helps employees and visitors move more easily throughout your facilities. It eliminates the need to update and replace worn-out signage and maps.

Vector Occupant App demystifies the Minneapolis Skyway

Learn about maintenance problems fast

Comments about facility and maintenance problems — including a meeting room that’s too cold or a bathroom in need of attention — are just one click away. Reported comments include the location and allow for photos. Your staff can respond quickly and track the resolution. 

Empower employees to reserve conference rooms

Now employees can book conference rooms with just a few clicks on their phone.

Make messages boards easy to access and update

Our app acts as a digital message board, supplementing or replacing physical notice boards that are often ignored.

Gain more insights into building usage

Use data from the app to learn how people use your building — where and when they go, and identify chronic problem areas.

Establish a connection with occupants

Because buildings can’t talk, we created the next best thing: an app that helps save you money and time, and allows you staff and occupants to connect with each other.