Make health a performance indicator for your building

A healthy building goes beyond energy efficiency as it improves the well-being, confidence and productivity of the people who use it. Honeywell can help you assess your building’s health now – and the most cost-effective ways to improve it.

Let’s make good habits contagious

In the 1970s, many buildings responded to oil shortages with new ways to save energy, like recirculating air. Yet at the time, recirculating pollution, mold or microbes had negative impacts on air quality.

Since then, we’ve shown you can improve efficiency while creating a healthier and safer building environment. Find out how healthy buildings helps your bottom line thrive.

Let’s make your building healthier, one step at a time

Every building system can help

We know your building

Historic retrofits. New construction. Iconic, one-of-a-kind buildings and critical infrastructure like hospitals, airports or utilities.

We know your building because we’re part of your community, helping millions of buildings around the world. And we’re ready to help you too.