BEMS - Taking back control

    How does the ‘E’ in BEMS apply to Education? We provide some simple strategies to help you regain control

    Until a few years ago the word ‘Energy’ was missing from ‘Building Energy Management Systems’ and the systems were only known as BMS; still controlling energy as they were designed to do but without significant reference to it.

    Today the BEMS gathers a lot more information from other devices. Legislation ensures that all new buildings services meters - electricity, gas, water and heat meters are connected to the BEMS and all of this information can be displayed and viewed on the systems head end PC or Supervisor, sometimes referred to as a ‘dashboard’.

    We believe that there are still a significant amount of installed BEMS that are not being used to their full potential and the initial investment in the BEMS is not being fully realised. 

    Meters won’t save you energy, they just record energy data, it’s what you do with that data that is important.

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    "To be sustainable we know that we must make the best use of what we already have and continue to do so on an ongoing basis."