Air Quality Sensors

Honeywell Room Air Quality Sensor

Room Air Quality Sensors are measuring air quality in rooms, offices, and production bays and used to control ventilation plants. They detects unpleasant odors, tobacco smoke, and vapors emitted by such materials as furniture, carpets etc.

Room Air Quality Sensors contains a heated tin dioxide semiconductor sensor, the electrical conductivity of which varies in proportion to the concentration of reducing agents in the ambient air. This leads to a voltage at the measuring element which is amplified to an output voltage of 0 to 10 VDC. Cigarette smoke, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ethanol, ammonia, etc. particles and gases can be detected by Room Air Quality Sensors. The complex and constantly changing composition of room air makes it necessary to perform broadband air quality measurement using such a broadband detector.

Features & Benefits:
  • Measurement of a variety of air quality factors
  • Output signal is indicated by yellow status LED on front cover
  • Trimming potentiometer to adjust output signal
  • Easy installation and wiring connection
  • CE Approved
  • EN60730-1 Certified
  • EN60529 certified


  • Mounting Type
    • Internal Wall
    • Internal Wall


  • Mounting Type
    • Internal Wall
    • Internal Wall
  • Mounting Type : Internal Wall|Internal Wall
Room Air Quality Sensor, 0-10V DC Output, 15-30V DC Supply, IP30, Plastic, 0 to +50 C, 5K Ohm, 125g