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Stay connected to your building – from anywhere

Smart solutions to help your buildings advance learning

Your BEMS collates vast amounts of information from around your building and presents it to you in an easily understandable format; to enable you to make informed decisions or to adjust outcomes as required.

It will also control the outputs automatically or potentially flag concerns to maintenance teams before they become an issue.

Find out how your BEMS can be your extra pair of hands here:


Taking serious responsibility for our future generations

We all have a duty of care to protect our planet for tomorrow and to provide the right learning environment for our children today. 

At the same time we should educate our future generations on how to support sustainability and protect it themselves. 

You can use your BEMS as part of your educational curriculum too… whether displaying data to encourage active participation or benchmarking best practice across buildings in your educational estate.


Case Studies

UWC Atlantic College

Energy reduction and lowering carbon emissions

The Brunei Gallery - SOAS University of London

Reduction in CO2 emissions and improved occupant comfort

University of Leeds

Energy cost savings and BEMS optimization

Queen Mary University

Reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency

Ipswich High School

Improving comfort and stepping towards net zero

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