Your Walls Can Talk – Find Out What They Can Say

Your organization is built around progress, efficiency and strong communication and your facilities can be as well.

At Honeywell, we are excited to bring the world of IoT and Connected Buildings to you TODAY. We have an extensive line up of exciting software and real-world hardware HVAC products for large and small facilities that will be driving intelligent buildings now and in the future.

Our CIPer Line of IP Controllers

You can now integrate HVAC and non-HVAC systems, sensors, actuators, meters, cameras, peripherals and other devices to provide a more holistic product offering. The brand new CIPer controllers are the fastest Internet protocol HVAC controllers available and allow for greater bandwidth so you can connect with more network data than ever before. Plus, security is significantly better than you get with twisted-pair communication wiring. Capabilities of up to 2500 I/O points allow for almost endless BAS solutions.

Cloud Connected HVAC Software Solutions

Building owners and facility managers need solutions that help them rapidly respond to incidents, enable compliance with local standards, and improve their key buildings’ performance. Honeywell Connected Buildings software translates data from your building’s sensors into usable information.

By monitoring and analyzing controllers and mechanical assets, Outcome Based Service uses real-time building performance data to promote enhanced operational performance, maximize uptime and make smarter decisions on whether to replace or repair capital equipment.

Vector Space Sense provides an end-to-end, data-driven solution that enables superior space utilization, and empowers real estate personnel to prioritize building space and take meaningful action on building usage and costs.

The Vector Occupant App combines the convenience of today’s mobile devices with connected building features to give users more control over their comfort levels and their ability to securely move about their workplace. The app is backed by a cloud-based infrastructure and a rich collection of analytic insights to help increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness of building operations.

Light Commercial Building Solutions

Now buildings that are 50,000 sq. ft. or less can have simplified, cost effective, cloud-based building automation systems designed to address their unique needs. Learn how to set up remote communication with your light commercial buildings, including alerts to your email or cell phone. Control building comfort and equipment settings from anywhere using your mobile device through a plug-and-play configurable system that is simple to install and requires no programming knowledge.

Honeywell E-Mon

For applications where you need to manage and analyze energy usage and allocate energy costs within your building, Honeywell’s electric sub meters empower you with detailed energy usage information to create and manage efficient energy usage strategies. We do this by providing accurate meters with a connectivity solution that reads the meters and provides customized summary reports and billing statements.