Service for an equipment failure, and how to prevent it from happening

In a perfect world, equipment would let you know when it’s about to act up. And if it did, someone would quickly repair it. We can help with both.

Sometimes, a critical piece of equipment needs immediate, accurate repair to minimize downtime. When that happens, we have a global network of over 5,000 highly trained service technicians ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. We also have a preventive maintenance approach to service that alerts you to issues ahead of time.

A dashboard that tells you when it’s time for service

Our Digitized Maintenance Contract gives you a panoramic view of your facility’s performance using near real-time analytics. It lets you know about critical equipment issues 50% faster…before they become big repair or even replacement problems. With an Digitized Maintenance Contract, you can:

  •  Access a portal to view comfort and energy performance measures
  •  Determine if equipment is running at the proper availability levels
  •  Use your team’s time more efficiently

A building should be stable today, and not drift tomorrow

A Digitized Maintenance Contract will not only help you detect and address system faults that might arise right now, but also in the future. If your building isn’t monitored for the long term, energy performance tends to drift, dropping significantly. But with our contract, you can:

  •  Screen for problems in building and mechanical systems
  •  Receive regular updates so your building has the latest functionality
  •  Measurably improve operational efficiency

Building systems with long, productive lives

When your building systems reach or even exceed their “end-of-life,” you’re faced with challenges. Will you find repair parts? Will the cost of those parts increase as supply goes down? Fortunately, a Digitized Maintenance Contract takes a life-cycle management approach that allows you to:

  • Reduce risk by funding upgrades over multiple years
  • Predict support costs for spare parts
  • Learn about repair financing options that keep cash flow predictable

If you have a building, you have a choice

In the event of an equipment failure, our global team of technicians stands ready to respond so you can minimize the impact on your business.

You can also plan for the future by choosing a preventive maintenance approach. Our Digitized Maintenance Contract lets you leverage the power of analytics to alert you to a possible equipment failure — while there’s still time to prevent it.

Want to learn which maintenance choice is best for your business? Let’s talk.