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The drivers of brick-and-mortar profitability

Today’s customer is demanding and omnichannel and profit margins are tight. But the right solutions can help optimize your entire operation — enhancing your customer experience and your profitability.


Honeywell provides innovative solutions to challenges such as regulations, facility and personal security, energy costs, and comfort with HVAC automation, energy management, fire prevention, and more. Sharpen your competitive edge.

Keep your many locations finely tuned.

From managing multiple locations from a central hub to keeping energy and maintenance costs low, you’re facing many roadblocks. We have the solutions for multisite organizations to manage it all seamlessly.

Protect your buildings from anywhere.

Our customizable and highly scalable integrated security solutions will suit your needs no matter your size and will grow with your business.

Reinforce your building’s resilience.

Our data systems improve energy efficiency and operational sustainability so you can focus on growing your business.

Equipment not working? Our technicians are.

Our network of highly trained, licensed technicians stands ready to resolve any equipment issues, armed with real-time access to your service history.

Ready to get hands-on.

We’re not just here to help you find the right product or service. We’re an ongoing partner who can work with you to manage routine challenges.

Let shoppers drive their own experiences.

Our app acts as a digital concierge, turning any smartphone into a wayfinding tool to help customers navigate shopping centers and report maintenance issues.

Improve reliability, versatility and control.

Integrate your HVAC systems for increased reliability and control. Leverage your current equipment for enhanced data access and scalability, whether you have one location or many.

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Use data to maximize efficiency and worker comfort.

Our modular management systems leverage data to help predict problems, create efficiencies, and help keep your employees comfortable.

Keep one step ahead of fire risks

Our consolidated approach to fire detection helps to prevent fires, automate your evacuation strategies and limit the spread of any fire.

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