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Learn from subject matter experts and industry leaders around the world as they share their perspectives on technology and innovations that will power Buildings Of The Future.

The Future of Smart Cities

Aseem Joshi, General Manager of Smart Cities Breakthrough Technology Initiatives, explains how we are transforming the way cities operate to make them more efficient and responsive to the need of every citizen.

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Moving Beyond

What’s next for your building safety, education, and travels? The answers aren’t far out of reach. It’s time to go BEYOND with Honeywell. Learn about the BEYONDvirtual conference and how you can join engaging sessions with thought leaders.

Back to Business

Nathan Richter, Senior Partner of Wakefield Research discusses the results of the recent study on how employees across the world feel about working in buildings during and after the pandemic with Greg Turner, Sr. Director Engineering for Honeywell Building Technologies.

Prioritizing Indoor Air Quality

Dr. William Bahnfleth, Professor of Architectural Engineering at Penn State University and ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Chair discusses the importance of indoor air quality in your return strategy and beyond with Karen Cooper, Director of Offering Management at Honeywell Building Technologies.

The Future of NOTIFIER is Now

New, game-changing solutions are on the horizon for the life safety industry and NOTIFIER is behind it. Hear from Ben Wolf, Global Product Offering Leader and Sandra Hopkins, Global Offering Management Leader for NOTIFIER, on how their innovative new products will make buildings around the world safer, smarter, and more protected. 

Getting Back in the Game

Kip Amedeo, Sr. VP of Global Sales of Honeywell Building Technologies, chats with Paul McGoohan, VP of Business Development for the Carolina Panthers about how Honeywell’s innovative solutions are helping get their players, coaches, and fans back in the game.

ASHRAE on Buildings of the Future 

Vimal Kapur, President & CEO of Honeywell Building Technologies chats with ASHRAE President Charles E. Gulledge, III about healthy and sustainable building environments.