Change how people experience your building

Studies show that beyond creating a healthier building, better indoor air quality (IAQ) can also improve focus and productivity.

Honeywell Healthy Buildings solutions help improve IAQ without compromising energy efficiency. We can also incorporate relevant safety and security capabilities as well as analytics, giving you integrated insight and control to optimize your building and its operations. 

Innovation that lets your air quality speak for itself

Continuous IAQ data is the key to an effective HVAC strategy – and we’ve developed an advanced IAQ portfolio to meet your needs.

The Honeywell TR50 Indoor Air Quality Sensor provides this data to your building, and also provides simple visual confirmation for people in the room, with the option to also show up to 5 parameters of air health.

  • Attractive:  Clear, colorful display helps create an appealing, reassuring environment
  • Customizable:  Choose which IAQ data is publicly visible
  • Save time and labor:  Easy to install; no recalibration needed
  • Monitor 5 key IAQ parameters:  Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs), Particulate Matter (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temperature, Humidity 

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