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Honeywell BMS NA

E-Mon Energy Software

Software System For Energy Statements, Tenant Billing, Graphing & Profiling of Energy Data

Ideal for new and retrofi t applications, E-Mon Energy automatic meter reading systems allow users to accurately monitor interval energy data for a variety of applications including tenant billing/allocation, departmental allocation, common area management, demand/energy analysis, equipment maintenance programs, M & V for LEED certification and other green building initiatives.

E-Mon Energy monitors E-Mon submeters either on-site or off-site via a variety of industry standard communication methods and transmits data back to a central computer for generating profi les, graphs and tenant statements of energy usage.

Accurate and timely snapshots of your facility’s energy use are essential to support energy management initiatives. With E-Mon Energy software, you can combine all of your utility service data — including gas, electric, water and steam — into a single

location to see how, when and where your facility is using energy. In addition, E-Mon Energy allows you to go beyond simple identifi cation of energy use, you can easily and accurately allocate energy costs based on actual usage by department, cost center, tenants or equipment.

In addition to usage statements, E-Mon Energy also provides the graphs and charts needed to identify potential energy saving opportunities in a facility. With the ability to identify exactly when and where usage takes place, a facility manager is now able to better manage and maintain building equipment and adjust timing of energy loads to reduce overall energy usage.

Features & Benefits:
  • E-Mon Energy operates with computers having the following specifications: OS: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, 7 or 8, RAM: 4 GB, Hard Disk: 100 GB, & Ethernet: Static IP address with port 12005
  • E-Mon Energy software available for both single-license and server-license applications.
  • Graphic profiling provides analytical charts and graphs with demand profiling for 5-, 15-, 30- or 60-minute sampling rates.
  • Generate and print itemized electric bills (using coincidentalpeak demand date and time)
  • Software will generate bills from user-specified time periods via profi le data (you need not be present to generate meter readings)
  • Reads up to 8 time periods, 4 seasons and multiple holidays time-of-use (TOU) monitoring.
  • Reads E-Mon D-Mon meters, either on-site or off-site, via telephone modem, Ethernet or a directly connected computer
  • Reads all E-Mon D-Mon meters via IDRs and E-Mon D-Mon Smart meters directly (when ordered with EZ7 protocol)
  • Can also read gas, water, BTU and steam meters via IDR for billing purposes and graphical display of usage
  • Exports data to spreadsheets for analysis (*.csv fi les)
  • Exports data to MV-90 system (*.hhf fi les)
  • Optional modems can be used with E-Mon Energy allowing meters to be read anywhere in the world where telephone or cellular service is available
  • Meter reading and billing services are available for both E-Mon D-Mon and utility-type meters
E-Mon Energy Software V. (51-100 METERS) with Start-up
E-Mon Energy Software V. (101-250 METERS) with Start-Up
E-Mon Energy Software V. (1-50 METER) with Start-up
E-Mon Energy Software V. (250+ METERS) with Start-Up