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Honeywell BMS NA

E-Mon PowerSmart+ Advanced

Multi-functional power meter combined with a power quality analyzer

Honeywell E-Mon PowerSmart+ Advanced meter is a multi-functional power meter combined with a power quality analyzer. The meter has extensive memory and data logging capability to support full harmonic analysis

and waveform recording. The device can be integrated into panel boards or provided in a stand-alone enclosure. Flexible communication options include RS-485 and Ethernet for remote visualization. The PowerSmart+ Advanced meter is ideal for power quality analysis & recording of harmonics, spikes, sags, swell, etc. of specific critical loads to an entire building.

Features & Benefits:
  • Class 0.2 four-quadrant multi-function 3-phase energy meter (TrueRMS, volts, amps, power, power factor, neutral current, voltage & current unbalance & frequency.)
  • Easy-to-read 3-row bright LED display, adjustable update time, auto-scroll option with adjustable page exposition time and auto-return to a default page
  • LED bar graph showing percent load with respect to user-defi nable nominal load current
  • Supplied with E-Mon Power Software for meter set up and power quality analysis (requires RS-485 key for communication)
  • Ampere/Volt/THD/TDD demand meter with advanced power quality features including embedded harmonic analyzer, voltage and current THD, current TDD and K-Factor, inter-harmonics THD, up to the 50th order harmonic
  • Real-time waveform capture and monitoring; simultaneous 6-channel 4-cycle capture at 128 samples per cycle
  • 3 voltages and 3 current transformer-isolated AC inputs for direct connection to power line or via potential and current transformers
  • Voltage and current harmonic spectrum and angles
  • Current Sensor Options: Available with integrated 5 Amp current sensors for use with existing 5 Amp output current transformers or available as a meter only confi guration for use with PowerSmart+ current sensors. Current sensor leads can be extended up to 500 feet for remote installation (sold separately, see PowerSmart+ current sensor spec for details)
  • Standard 2-wire RS-485 communication port; Modbus RTU, DNP3 and ASCII communication protocols
  • Optional Ethernet 10/100BaseT port for Modbus TCP/IP communication
  • Two digital inputs for monitoring external contacts, and receiving pulses from energy, water and gas meters. Two relay outputs for alarms and controls, and for output of energy pulses
  • Optionally available pre-installed inside a JIC steel enclosure with lockable window panel and 3-phase voltage terminal block. Dimensions: 14” H x 12” W x 8” D
  • Time of Use (TOU), 8 totalization and tariff energy/demand registers x 8 tariffs, 4 seasons x 4 types of days, 8 tariff changes per day, easy programmable tariff schedule
  • Automatic daily profi le for energy and maximum demand readings (total and tariff registers)
  • Embedded programmable controller; 16 control setpoints; programmable thresholds and delays; relay output control; 1/2 cycle response time
  • Event recorder for logging and internal diagnostics events, control events and I/Ooperations. 16 data recorders; programmable data logs on a periodic basis and on any internal and external trigger.
  • Two waveform recorders; simultaneous 6-channel AC recording in a single plot; sampling rate of 32, 64 and 128 samples per cycle; 20 pre-fault cycles; up to 30 seconds of continuous recording at a rate of 32 samples per cycle.
  • EN50160 Power Quality recorder (EN50160 compliance statistics, EN50160 harmonics survey statistucs, onboard power quality analyzer, programmable thresholds and hysteresis; ready-for-use reports)


  • Interface
    • Modbus RTU


  • Interface
    • Modbus RTU
  • Interface : Modbus RTU
PowerSmart Advanced Meter , Modbus RTU, No Sensors, Honeywell Branded
PS Advanced Meter w/Modbus RTU and built-in 5 amp sensors w/ enclosure
PS Advanced Meter w/Modbus RTU and built-in 5 amp sensors
PS Advanced Meter w/Modbus TCP/IP w/out sensors
PowerSmart Advanced Meter, Modbus TCP/IP, No Sensors, Honeywell Branded
PowerSmart Advanced Meter, Modbus TCP/IP, 5A Sensors, Honeywell Branded
PowerSmart Advanced Meter, Modbus RTU, 5A Sensors, Honeywell Branded
PS Advanced Meter w/Modbus TCP/IP and built-in 5 amp sensors
PS Advanced Meter w/Modbus RTU w/out sensors
PS Advanced Meter w/Modbus RTU w/out sensors w/ enclosure