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Honeywell Security

S1800M Intruder Detection Systems

S1800M Intruder Detection System wireless intruder systems that require a strong internal audible alarm communication, the SI800M indoor siren offers reduced operating costs due to its five year battery life

S1800M Intruder Detection System To meet the varying needs of different installation environments, the SI800M offers eight different output levels plus a sweep mode. To further accommodate local requirements, the cut-off timer can be set between 1 and 240 seconds (1). Last but not least, the SI800M integrates different tones to differentiate an intrusion alarm from a smoke detection or technical default.

Strong deterrent output sound level of up to 120dB ensures that any prospective intruder is clearly informed that he has been detected and make the situation stressfull for him.

High performance wireless narrow band, FM radio frequency 868- 870MHz band with anti-jamming

Wall mounted and opening tamper proof Compatible with Domonial and Le Sucre™ panels

Features & Benefits:
  • Compatible with Domonial and Le Sucre™ systems
  • Sound Level: Selectable from 95dBA to 120 dBA
  • EN/TS50131-1 Grade 2, Environmental Class II
  • Front & Rear Tampers
  • Enclosure protection: IP:30 / IK:04
  • Compatible with Domonial systems
  • Battery Life: >4 yrs
  • Operating Temperature -10° C to 55° C
  • Dimensions: 165 mm Diameter
  • Weight: 430g
  • Complete with Battery
  • EN50131-1
  • EN50131-4


  • Compatible Environments
    • Indoor
  • Sound Level
    • 95 - 120 dB


  • Compatible Environments
    • Indoor
  • Sound Level
    • 95 - 120 dB
  • Compatible Environments : Indoor
  • Sound Level : 95 - 120 dB
S1800M Intruder Detection Systems, 120dB, 1m, 7 Mode, 3xCR123, 868 MHz