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Pluggable Panel Bus I/O Module

Pluggable panel bus I/O modules communicate via the LonWorks® bus and panel bus respectively.

Pluggable panel bus I/O modules communicate via the LonWorks® bus and panel bus respectively. They consist of a terminal socket and a removable electronic module, allowing the socket to be mounted and wired before electronic modules are installed. All such electronic modules can be swapped out without disrupting the power and bus connections. Simply unplug the “old” and insert the “new” module.

I/O modules with communication via panel bus (light gray housings) and LonWorks bus I/O modules (dark gray housings) with communication via LonWorks have easy integration and use with third-party controllers. The firmware of pluggable I/O modules is automatically updated by the controller, and the controller automatically configures them as needed by the application. The use of plug-and-play Excel 800 panel bus I/O modules yields huge installation and commissioning cost-savings due to new, patented technologies, while the Excel 800 LonWorks bus I/O modules employ the LonWorks communication standard. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Plug-and-play functionality for easy maintenance
  • Separate installation of terminal sockets and electronic modules lowers risk of damage and theft in the construction phase
  • Fast wiring with state-of-the-art push-in terminals (screw-type terminals also available) and bridge connectors
  • Wide range of sensors supported
  • Binary input LEDs of the pluggable I/O modules can be configured for status display (off/yellow) or alarm display (green/red) per channel
  • Configurable safety position for outputs in case of loss of communication with the controller
  • Maximum wiring flexibility due to optional accessories like auxiliary terminals and cross connectors
  • Can be mounted in small installation housings
  • Flexible mix of pluggable I/O modules covering all your application requirements
  • CE Approved
  • Conforms to EN 60730-1 and EN 60730-2-9
  • Investigated According to United States Standard UL916 (USL-Listed) as well as Canadian National Standard(s) C22.2 (CNL-Listed)
  • UUKL 


  • Type
    • I/O Module


  • Type
    • I/O Module
  • Type : I/O Module
Pluggable Panel Bus I/O Module, 8 Analog Inputs, UUKL
I/O Module, Pluggable, LonWorks Bus, 8 Analog Inputs, UUKL
Pluggable Panel Bus I/O Module, 8 Analog Outputs, UUKL
Pluggable Panel Bus I/O Module, 12 Binary Analog Inputs, UUKL