Motion Sensors

DUAL TEC® DT907 Series Commercial Motion Detector

DUAL TEC® DT907 Series commercial motion detectors are ideal for the harshest commercial and industrial environments and have a look-down lens that can see when someone is trying to disable the sensor from below.

The use of two technologies — microwave and PIR — and features like anti-masking, vandal-resistant housing, large coverage patterns, and three microcontroller-based sensitivity modes, make the powerful DUAL TEC® DT907 Series commercial motion detectors ideal for the harshest commercial and industrial environments. DUAL TEC DT907 Series commercial motion detectors have a look-down lens that can see when someone is trying to disable the sensor from below. Wall and bottom cover tampers and a vandal-resistant housing protect the sensors from damage. Self-test supervision automatically checks the unit for accuracy so you don't have to. The small animal immunity function differentiates between animal sizes, and purposely does not trigger an alarm when small animals are detected.

Features & Benefits:
  • Patented INFORMER® function, designed primarily as a diagnostic tool, monitors for sensor blockage and can help identify a sabotage situation
  • Microcontroller converts all incoming microwave and PIR signals from analog-to-digital format
  • INFORMER function checks each technology continuously while the microcontroller conducts a self-test of the sensor's functions at regular intervals, and reports any trouble using the on-board trouble relay
  • True temperature compensation continually optimizes the performance of the PIR to account for changes in room temperature
  • Environmental noise compensation keeps common environmental disturbances such as fluorescent lights from causing the microwave to false alarm
  • Sensor sensitivity can be set to high for fastest capture, to normal, or to low for maximum false alarm immunity in harsh environments
  • Two to four steps within field-of-view, depending on sensitivity setting selected
  • Bug guard provides zero clearance, protecting the pyro chamber from insects that can cause false alarms
  • Utilizes custom designed mirror optics to provide effective capture at long range
  • LEDs will display codes to indicate an anti-masking condition, INFORMER condition, trouble condition, and recallable codes to indicate INFORMER results and whether or not there was a self-test failure
DUAL TEC, 200x15ft, Long Range