Intrusion Detection Software

IntrusionTrace™ Application License

IntrusionTrace™ application licenses provide high performance intrusion detection using video analytics specifically designed for 24/365 outdoor operation.

IntrusionTrace™ application licenses optimize footage from thousands of hours of video covering a range of environmental, seasonal, and time-of-day variations, while the analytics achieve low false-alarm rates while maintaining high detection probability and reliability. With simple “region of interest” configuration for the majority of scenes, IntrusionTrace can be adapted to a wide range of applications. Whether monitoring a yard, providing remote access control to a site, or creating a virtual fence around a supply depot, IntrusionTrace delivers performance where it is needed.

IntrusionTrace is now available for server platforms and edge devices. Supporting up to 32* channels on ADPRO® devices and up to 8* channels on HeiTel devices, IntrusionTrace complements the powerful recording, transmission, alarm handling and flexible licensing capabilities of these established platforms with high performance video intrusion detection. IntrusionTrace also supports Honeywell and Axis edge devices, such as video cameras and encoders. Running on the device itself, IntrusionTrace takes analytics to the video source, providing self-contained, high-performance intrusion detection on a networked device. Close integration with the device platform ensures compliant event management and alarm reporting for seamless system integration. Where supported, device I/O can facilitate double-knock options and trigger local notifications for even greater utility. IntrusionTrace on the edge complements the rack-mount and mobile platforms with a simple camera approach to give solutions for every scenario.

* Hardware dependent

Features & Benefits:
  • Quick and easy one-person setup
  • Flexible detection within the same scene by criteria per detection zone
  • 3D calibration, with no learning time
  • Powerful advanced parameters for improved detection probability and false-alarm reduction
  • Full integration ensures alarm handling and transmission is consistent with the platform’s capabilities
  • Up to 16 zones or directional zones per channel
  • 24/365 day outdoor algorithm for perimeter and sterile zone applications
  • i-LIDS® approved as primary detection system for operational alert used in sterile zone monitoring applications (IntrusionTrace version 1.26 running on FastTrace 2E)
  • I/O and talk-down to sites for reacting on IntrusionTrace™ events (hardware dependent)
  • Recording modes and ability to tag events for later review with bounding boxes (hardware dependent)
IntrusionTrace Edge License - 4 Channel
IntrusionTrace Edge License - 16 Channel
IntrusionTrace Edge License - 8 Channel
IntrusionTrace Edge License - 1 Channel
IntrusionTrace Edge License - 128 Channel
IntrusionTrace Edge License - 64 Channel
IntrusionTrace Edge License - 2 Channel
IntrusionTrace Edge License - 32 Channel