Memory Modules

PCD7 Flash Memory Module

The on board memory can be expanded using a PCD7 Flash Memory Modules in slot M1. In addition, BACnet® IP or LON IP can be activated.

In addition to the on-board memory on the base device,you can expand the Saia PCD controllers in a modular manner using various flash memory modules for programs and data. Communication protocols whose firmware is installed on the flash cards can also be used simply by plugging in the appropriate card. Flash memories with file system, program/data backup and BACnet, a base module for Micro-SD flash cards, SD flash cards with file system and Micro-SD flash cards are available to choose from.

Features & Benefits:
  • Transfer of configuration, programs and data to other CPUs
  • Additional memory cards can be plugged in via I/O adapters
  • Memory can be expanded to up to 4 GB
Flash Memory Module, PCD7 Series, BACnet Firmware, 128MB File System