E-Line Controller Compact Format for Electrical Distributors

E-Line CPU with Ethernet, 512KB program memory

E-Line processor unit with Ethernet TCP/IP for electrical switch cabinet, web and FTP server, file system, 512 KByte user program, 128 KByte RAM DB/Text, 128 MByte Flash memory, supply 24 VAC/VDC 2 I/O module sockets, 1 M socket, 4 digital inputs, 2 analogue inputs, 1 watchdog 4 interfaces: RS-485 (S-Bus), auxiliary RS-485, USB & NFC (service)

Our freely programmable Saia PCD1.E-Line controller is designed for room and zone control, e.g. for individual floors or decentralized automation. It acts as the zone/master station for other E-Line modules and is the ideal interface to other disciplines thanks to numerous supported protocols. Implemented IT protocols ensure seamless integration into your IT environment. The controller also provides a good basis for achieving higher energy efficiency targets in accordance with EN 15232.

Features & Benefits:
  • Can be expanded to fit your requirements- In addition to the existing on-board inputs and interfaces, the controller can be quickly expanded using slots and adjusted simply to a range of applications. Communication interfaces like BACnet, LON, KNX, DALI, EnOcean, Modbus, M-Bus etc. can all be used flexibly.
  • Adaptable online operation thanks to integrated web server- The web and IT technology is already integrated in the Saia PCD controller. It can be easily operated both locally and remotely on the web server. This means the control level can be disposed of entirely for smaller applications. To operate locally, for example, simply connect a room panel.
  • Ready for the future- Our long life cycle, together with the controller’s freely programmable design, means that it is already prepared for future requirements. All applications can be adapted at any time. The battery-free operation makes the controller simple to maintain. Service and maintenance are easy and efficient.
  • Ideal as a floor controller- Used together with the programmable E/A modules, the E-Line controller is ideal for controlling floors or areas. In this role, it serves as the master station and interface to the control level. The programmable E/A modules can also be operated independently from the master station in individual rooms.
  • Space-saving solution for smaller systems- You can use additional E-Line RIO modules to construct small systems in compact spaces. The modules’ compact design allows you to use them in standard electrical distribution boxes, saving time and money.
E-Line CPU with Ethernet, 512KB program memory