I/O Modules

LonWorks I/O Module

LONWORKS Bus I/O Modules communicate via the LONWORKS Bus. They consist of a terminal socket and a removable electronic module allowing the socket to be mounted and wired before the electronic module is installed.

LONWORKS Bus I/O Modules can be swapped out without disrupting the power and bus connections: Simply unplug the “old” and insert the “new” module. Software updates, configuration, and commissioning are all done automatically by the controller for all LONWORKS Bus I/O Modules. The LONWORKS Bus I/O Modules may be used with any CPU supporting LONWORKS Bus communication (e.g., the LION, EAGLE, etc.).

Features & Benefits:
  • Plug-and-play functionality for easy maintenance
  • Max. wiring flexibility due to optional accessories like auxiliary terminals and cross-connectors
  • Can be mounted in small installation housings
  • Flexible mix of LONWORKS Bus I/O modules covering all your application requirements
  • Fast wiring with state-of-the-art push-in terminals and bridge connectors
  • Wide range of sensors supported
  • Comply with EN ISO 16484-2:2004


  • Brand
    • CentraLine


  • Brand
    • CentraLine
  • Brand : CentraLine
I/O Module, 8 Analog Input Module, NTC10k, NTC20k, Ni1000TK5000, Pt1000, Pt3000, Balco500, contac