Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fire Alarm Control Panel 8008

The 8008 fire alarm panels meets the highest safety standards for comprehensive fire monitoring. Fire alarm control panels has been designed for large buildings with complex safety needs.

The 8008 fire alarm panels meets the highest safety standards for comprehensive fire monitoring. Universal fire alarm control panels has been designed for large buildings with complex safety needs. The option of a second CPU makes it virtually faultfree. The 8008 panels conforms to all relevant national and european standards. Modular design and free configuration makes the panels a flexible device which can easily be adapted to changing requirements. This makes individual planning simple while allowing for future expansion. The esserbus®, a short-circuit and wire-break-tolerant loop system, offers maximum reliability in operation and is a particularly cost-saving investment with reduced wiring by combined loop and spur topology.

The core of the 8008 panels is a powerful 16-bit CPU. The modern hardware and software architecture allows a simple and flexible response to any set of requirements. In certain applications a redundant second CPU is required if more than 512 detectors are connected, to ensure smooth transition in case one CPU fails. This is state-of-the-art security at its best. If the control panels should fail, the monitoring loop routes the fire detection and alarm signals to another point. Even if the power fails, the available back-up battery ensures that the system remains active. The 8008 remains capable of detection beyond normal emergency operation. The 8008 hardware supports up to 40 micromodules. Hence, the system is easy to configure to the needs of different applications.

The ring bus technology supports changes to the design and use of the system even after initial set-up. The sensors of individual detectors/zones can be switched on and off manually or by time control. The esserbus® transmits fault and maintenance signals in addition to alarms. Moreover, the exact location of each detector can be indicated on the bus by textual information. Various detector types can be connected to the 8008 fire alarm panels for all-round protection. The esserbus® supports a combination of loops and spurs with up to 127 detectors and esserbus® transponders that can be grouped into as many as 127 detector zones. Even if a wire breaks, all detectors in the loop will be active and functioning. Only the section between two isolators will automatically disconnect.

The esserbus® transponders are bus users with freeprogramming inputs and outputs to activate and monitor external devices or connect standard or diagnostic detectors. The 8008 identifies automatically the loop wiring and determines the logic addresses of the bus subscribers. No separate setting of addresses in the devices is needed. The essernet® supports up to 31 devices, such as control panels, indicating and operating panels, gateways and computer-based intelligent display terminals in a non-hierarchical network over great distances. Messages, such as alarm, trouble, disconnections and other events are available to all panels at any point via essernet®. The remote diagnostic program polls and displays all important data on the control panel, and from 31 panels via essernet®.

Features & Benefits:
  • Modular design, flexible configuration for optimum adjustment to future configuration
  • 100 percent redundancy with second CPU
  • Esserbus loop can be combined with spur
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Error diagnosis implemented in each module/automatic status analysis/remote diagnosis via PC
  • Integrated control panel printer, a remote printer can be connected
  • VdS approval
  • IP 30


  • Brand
    • Esser


  • Brand
    • Esser
  • Brand : Esser
Fire Alarm Panel 8008, 230 V Supply Voltage, 50 to 60 Hz, 0 to 50C Storage Temperature, 485x619x283mm, S1-E Housing