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Fire Alarm Control Panels

S3 Series Fire Alarm Control Panel

S3 Series fire alarm control panels provide the latest, innovative high-end processing power.

S3 Series fire alarm control panels provide the latest, innovative high-end processing power. These digital, microprocessor-based panels offer a simple, intuitive solution for the small to mid-sized fire alarm applications. With flexible Boolean logic, intelligent detection, and Ethernet connectivity, these control panels provide power and versatility that surpasses comparable, small addressable fire alarm systems. The configuration consists of an smart loop panel (SLP) main board, LCD-SLP touchscreen, SLC loop personality modules, and a 7A power supply. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Allows one SLC loop (expandable to two loops) that supports devices in Class A or Class B (Style 4, 6, or 7) configuration
  • Supports a network system of up to 122 nodes or up to 64 nodes
  • With System Sensor® protocol, supports up to 318 intelligent devices and each SLC loop supports up to 159 detectors, and up to 159 modules (expandable to 636 maximum per panel)
  • With Apollo protocol, supports up to 126 intelligent detectors and modules per SLC (expandable to 252 maximum per panel)
  • Includes a 4.3 inch (10.92 cm) high-resolution color touchscreen display
  • 7A power supply (120V AC or 240V AC)
  • Four Class B or two Class A built-in notification appliance circuits (NACs)
  • Selectable System Sensor, Cooper-Wheelock®, or Gentex™ strobe synchronization
  • Supports up to 32 serial annunciators (LCD, LED-only, LED Switch)
  • Offers an Ethernet port for programming a variety of system reports, and FocalPoint® graphic workstation connectivity
  • UL Listed: S1869
  • FM Approved
  • MEA FDNY: COA 6162
  • CSFM: 7165-1703:0176
  • City of Chicago Approved: Class 1
  • Reference Certificate of Compliance: VMA 45894-02C
  • ISO 9001 Certification
FACP, SLP Addressable, 240V AC, Red