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Security Control Panels

Honeywell Sucre Box

The Honeywell Sucre Box is a wireless security system with email and optional SMS notification services. The home owner is notified by email when an intrusion occurs along with audible alarm triggering system due to smoke or carbon monoxide gas.

The Honeywell Le Sucre is a wireless panel with wireless TAG reader and wireless sensors, which operate at 868 MHz European frequency. Le Sucre is designed to unobtrusively integrate into today’s stylish interiors and can be placed anywhere in the home.

It provides a range of more than 1000 meters open space and integrates a GPRS module for alarm transmissions and notifications. Le Sucre can be installed in a discreet location making it difficult for any intruder to find. The quality of radio transmission is designed to give maximum protection against interference, and the exceptional independent operation of Le Sucre peripherals guarantee long-lasting reliability to give the user complete peace of mind. Another feature is smoke or carbon monoxide gas can trigger an audible alarm. Le Sucre includes a wireless visual verification feature which allows you to see what is happening if an alarm is activated. The home owner is notified by SMS which is an optional feature or email and can distinguish immediately whether an intrusion has occurred or if it is a false alarm.

Features & Benefits:
  • Reducing the services fees, Le Sucre is designed to enable home owners to protect their family, possessions and assets at a low cost
  • Using Total Connect 2.0E remote application, Le Sucre enables home owners to monitor their home and family via a PC or smart phone
  • SMS and email notification to the end-user in case of alarm
  • Condensed wireless technology:
  • -Can send images from dedicated PIR/cameras
  • - GPRS, 868 MHz radio - Up to 32 radio channels
  • - More than 1000 meters open space radio range
  • Smoke or carbon monoxide gas can trigger an audible alarm
  • Compact designed unit
  • Battery backup if mains fail
  • Informing about ambient temperature in rooms where a PIR is installed, live and stored on the cloud
Le Sucre
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