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Gas Meters

E-Mon Gas Pulse Meter

Gas pulse meters that combine accuracy, durability, metrological stability and mounting versatility in one field-proven measurement instrument.

E-Mon D-Mon® Class 1000 and 2000 kWh/demand meters provide the basic building blocks of an affordable, effective, and scalable energy management system. These easy-to-install meters can monitor anything from a single-phase circuit to a specific load panel to an entire building. Energy usage data can be viewed via the LCD display on the meter for easy, walk up and read monitoring of energy consumption.

Remote metering via E-Mon energy automatic meter reading (AMR) systems or Web-Mon web enabled monitoring system is also easily interfaced for tenant billing, energy management, and cost allocation based on actual usage, not estimation or ratio-based calculations.

Providing revenue-grade accuracy, Class 1000 & 2000 meters are independent lab-certified to ANSI C12.20 national accuracy standards of +/- 0.2% from 1% to 100% of rated load. All models provide a direct-read 2-line alphanumeric LCD display (without multiplier) of cumulative kWh and real-time kW load.

E-Mon D-Mon standard meters are offered in standard JIC steel enclosures or optional NEMA 4X outdoor enclosures at no additional cost. Multiple meter unit (MMU) cabinets are also available containing up to 24 meters in a single, compact enclosure.

Available models include: Class 1000 1-phase/2-wire and 2-phase/3-wire configurations, with included low voltage split-core current sensors; and Class 2000 2-phase/3-wire and 3-phase/3- or 4-wire configurations, with included current sensors from 100 to 3200A. A demand option displays the kW peak demand over a 15- or 30-minute demand interval, and all meter kits include split-core current sensors.

E-Mon Gas Meter, 400A Series, Pulse Output, 1", Temperature Compensated
E-Mon Delta Compact Rotary Gas Meter
E-Mon Rotary Gas Meter
E-Mon Gas Meter, 250 Series, Pulse Output, 3/4", Temperature Compensated
E-Mon Gas Meter