Emergency Voice / Alarm Communications System

Ateis Compact Pava System

Ateis Compact Pava System is specifically designed for small to medium-scale installations.

Ateis Compact Pava System requires only one 2 channel amplifier (one for Music, one for Voice). The Music amplifier will act as a backup amplifier in case of a Voice amplifier failure. Each channel can handle up to 500 W of audio power (100 V). Plug-in terminal blocks at the top of the handset mean it can be quickly and easily connected to an analogue loop or to the base of an individual detector or module.

Features & Benefits:
  • Serial link to ID 3000
  • 5 audio inputs (2 x line, 1x MIC/line, 1 x PSS or PSM, 1 Fire Mic.)
  • Integrated and monitored Fireman microphone
  • Monitoring of 8 Loudspeaker zones
  • Full monitoring of PSS and PSM microphone consoles
  • Digital message players up to 45 min
  • 21 priority levels
  • Parametric equalization: 3 bands on inputs, 7 bands on the two outputs channels
  • 8 logic input contacts
  • EN54-16 Certified
  • ISO 7240-16 Certified
  • BS5839/8 Certified
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Compact Pava System, 5 Audio Input, 8 Loudspeaker Zone, 4 User Level, Master Unit, Switch Mode