Relay Modules

10 Relay Output Module

Notifire offers 10 relay outputs module. The output of each module is a voltage free switch contact designed to switch resistive loads up to 2A/30 Vdc.

The CMX-10RM/E includes the Removable terminal block, DIP-SWITCH for the start address selection and single modules masking. The SMD LEDs provide one of each module. Auxiliary output on 14 pin flat cable connector to drive external LEDs with no resistor. The LEDs are activated by the control panel. In Advanced mode protocol, the signalling LEDs on the board are not enabled. Only the first LED flashes to indicate the vitality. The CMX-10R multi-module can operate with all the NOTIFIER analogue control panels and on board hold 10 M701 modules with voltage free contact relay. The CMX-10RME multi-module card can operate with all the NOTIFIER addressable control panels either with CLIP protocol that Advanced protocol and on board hold 10 output modules with voltage free contact relay.

Features & Benefits:
  • Remote led outputs
  • Loop powered - no additional power supply required
  • Plug in terminals
  • Voltage free contact relay
  • EN ISO 9001:2008
  • EN ISO 14001:2004


  • Brand


  • Brand
  • Brand : NOTIFIER
10 Relay Output Module: 233mmx70mm: 0 to 49 C: Analogue Control Panel