Relay Modules

6-Output Relay Multimodule

MI-CR6-S2I Multi Module is an Addressable control module with 6 output circuits in NO/NC relay form. This module is recommended for activation through the communications loop of doors, fire dampers, lift stops, etc.

The MI-CR6-S2I six channel output module is designed for use in applications where numerous single modules are required. The monitor and control modules can be used to supervise and activate sounders, strobes, door closers, break glass call points, water flow switches, fire dampers and other ancillary devices. It connects directly to the analog communications loop and is compatible with all MORLEY-IAS analog panels. This module has micro switches for decadic addressing and tricolour LED indicators. It occupies 6 consecutive module addresses in the loop.

The NFXI-RM6 consists of six changeover relays. A single isolated set of dry relay contacts, which can be wired as normally open or normally closed, is provided for each address. The module enables the control panel to switch contacts on demand. The controlled circuit is not supervised. In Opal Digital Protocol only one address is used for the entire multi module with sub-addresses completing the remaining addresses. For compatibility with existing installations using Notifier CLIP Protocol, the first address is set from 01 to 94, the other modules are automatically assigned the next five addresses, up to four unused addresses can be disabled by dip switch.

  • 0905-CPR-191780 for EN54:17_18:2005_2007


  • Brand
    • Morley-IAS


  • Brand
    • Morley-IAS
  • Brand : Morley-IAS
Multi-6 relay output Module with isolator, Morley