Manual Call Points/Pull Stations

AGILE wireless Notifier - German Call point

NRX-DKM is a german style call point for manual triggering of fire alarm on applications where wiring is not feasible. Agile™ is powered by robust MESH network technology providing REDUNDANT communication paths that makes the network highly reliable.

The NRX-DKM(X) radio call point is a battery operated RF device designed for use with the NRXI-GATE radio gateway, running on an addressable fire system (using a compatible proprietary communication protocol).

It is a break-glass manual call point, combined with a wireless RF transceiver and has a removable backplate.

The DKMCPR-RF conforms to EN54-11 and EN54-25. It complies with the requirements of 2014/53/EU for conformance with the RED directive.

Features & Benefits:
  • Mesh multiple communication paths for increased reliability
  • 18RF channels at 868MHz – provides greater tolerance to interference
  • 2 integrated orthogonal antennas – easier positioning of devices
  • Up to 400 m free air communication range – providing good coverage levels
  • Average 5 year battery service life – reducing maintenance requirements
  • Addresses set using rotary switches – reduced commissioning time
  • Tamper-resist locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised opening of DKM door
  • Wired fire devices look and feel – easier installation and visual integration
  • Patented battery service life prediction feature – more proactive maintenance
  • Peace of mind – battery redundancy, delivering ‘always on’ performance
  • Up to 32 Wireless devices per Gateway
  • Agile IQ 3-in-1 software for easy design, configuration and diagnostics
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  • Brand
    • System Sensor


  • Brand
    • System Sensor
  • Brand : System Sensor|NOTIFIER
AGILE wireless Notifier - German Call point Red
AGILE wireless Notifier - German Call point Blue