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Fire Lite PS Series Remote Power Supply 10A

The PS Series 10A remote power supply with battery charger and 7 configurable outputs, gives A&Es, dealers, installers and end users more flexible and efficient options for meeting today’s installation, set-up and servicing needs for powersupplies

The PS series power supplies provides more power and higher number of inputs and output circuits with the flexibility to pair any input with any output and the ability to convert from Class B to Class A circuits by adding a ZNAC card without losing any circuits (unlike competition where class B to A conversion reduces your circuits by half). Each circuit can be individually programmed (using DIP switches) to be a NAC output, can used for resettable aux power, non resettable aux power or door holder power. This provides unprecedented flexibility in system design.

PS series supports SSD, wheelock, Gentec and Amseco sync protocol and it is UL listed to provide synchronized cascade upto 4 levels deep (unlike competition who provides upto 3) and through different configuration you may have upto 40 powersupplies in sync or upto 400A power. This helps to provide synchronized power expansion for larger applications.

The PS series is equipped with 3 system health LED indicators (Power, Batt/Chgr Fault, and Ground Fault). In addition each available output circuit also has 2 status LEDs - output status and trouble. The trouble LEDs flash in different blink patterns to indicate type of trouble such as open or short circuit. This allows faster diagnostics by pinpointing problematic areas and reason quickly. It also has “Display trouble history mode” which shows past history of troubles on the system

A removable door in PS series gives better access to wire up the unit, especially in tight spaces allowing reduced installation time and more knockouts provides more flexibility in cabling.

PS series accepts a wide range for EOL resistor values (2kohms to 27kohms) which means installers no longer have to go look for or change EOL resistors in a retrofit application which saves time and money

Larger cabinet space to house bigger batteries (7/18AH) and ability to mount SLC modules within the cabinet. It saves cost of additional mounting cabinets for batteries/ modules unlike competition where you have to mount and wire up modules external to the powersupply.

Features & Benefits:
  • Up to seven independently- configurable, power-limited output circuits for:
  • – Class B and/or Class A NACs
  • – Class B and/or Class A resettable or non-resettable 24V auxiliary power
  • – door holder power
  • Converts from Class B to Class A wiring without losing any outputs
  • using the ZNAC-PS converter card (sold separately)
  • Optimal for powering four-wire smoke detectors, annunciators, and other system peripherals requiring regulated power
  • Configurable for ANSI® Temporal 3 or Temporal 4 coded output
  • UL-Listed NAC synchronization using System Sensor®, Wheelock®, Gentex®, or AMSECO® appliances
  • Synchronization can be triggered from FACP NAC/remote sync outputs, cascaded power supply, or a control module, single or multi, which may be housed within the power supply cabinet
  • Ability to cascade up to four levels
  • Three fully-isolated input/control circuits which can be programmed to any output
  • Two Form C normally-closed trouble relays for AC Trouble and General Trouble, Ground Fault relay available on Canadian models only
  • 10 amp full load output, respectively, with 3 A maximum/circuit
  • Individual NAC power and trouble LEDs for diagnostic efficiency
  • Trouble history modes for diagnostic support
  • Wide range end-of-line supervision value (normal: 2K-27K ohms)
  • Selectable earth fault detection (enable or disable)
  • AC trouble report delay timer
  • Completely configurable via onboard DIP switches, no extra software
  • required
  • Self-contained in compact, locking cabinet constructed of heavy
  • gauge steel with a corrosion-resistant powder coat chip and
  • scratch-resistant finish
  • Cabinet designed with ten double knockouts and a removable
  • door for ease of installation and wiring
  • Includes integral battery charger capable of charging up to 33 AH
  • batteries
  • Cabinet can house two 7 AH or 18 AH batteries
  • UL Listed:
  • PSE-6/10(R)(E): S635, S674
  • HPF-PS6/10(B)(E): S24562
  • SK-PS6/10:S3511
  • FL-PS6/10: S2424
  • ULC Listed:
  • PSE-6/10C: S635
  • FL-PS6/10C: S2424
  • CSFM Approved:
  • PSE-6/10: 7315-0028:0513
  • HPF-PS6/10(B)-7315-1637:0505
  • SK-PS6/10: 7315-0559:0522
  • FL-PS6/10:7315-0075:0510
  • FDNY Approved
  • FM Approved
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Firelite PS Series Power Supply, Red Cabinet, 10A, 7 Output