Telephone Interfaces

IntelliKnight® IP Fire Alarm Communicator

IntelliKnight® IP communicators monitor Silent Knight® fire alarm panels.

IntelliKnight® IP communicators are UL Listed for monitoring of Silent Knight® fire alarm panels. IP communicators connect to the primary and secondary communication ports of the panel's DACT, converting the analog signals into digital signals at the panel for transmission to a compatible Teldat VisorALARM PLUS IP receiver at a central station. The panel operates normally during an alarm, supervisory or trouble event and sends contact-ID formatted analog information out of the telephone ports to the IP communicator. The IP communicator reformats the data into highly encrypted Ethernet UDP packets for transmission to a compatible receiver at the central station. This new listing only requires an IP connection. No backup analog phone line is necessary.

Features & Benefits:
  • Eliminates the cost of two dedicated phone lines
  • Requires no change to the existing fire alarm panel configuration
  • Fast alarm transmission, less than 10 seconds
  • Data transmits over standard contact ID protocol but is secured with the industry’s highest level of encryption
  • Supports both dynamic (DHCP) or public and private static IP addressing
  • UL: S2424
  • CSFM: 7300-0075:223


  • Cabinet Material
    • Metal (Enclosure)


  • Cabinet Material
    • Metal (Enclosure)
  • Cabinet Material : Metal (Enclosure)
IP Fire Alarm Communicator: 2 Supervised Inputs: 2 Additional Outputs
IP Fire Alarm Communicator: Modem Daughter Board