Smoke Detectors

2012JA Photoelectric Smoke Detector

2012JA smoke detectors are designed to respond to a broad range of fires while providing maximum stability. They feature low voltage wiring making them ideal for applications such as homes, apartment buildings, and nursing homes.

2012JA smoke alarms are photoelectronic detectors designed for applications where low voltage Class 2 wiring may be used. They are non-latching and offer an 85 dB alarm horn and Form C alarm contact. Their external pushbuttons allow for testing of the alarm function as well as silencing. Up to 12 units can be interconnected so that if one unit alarms, all units alarm. Form C alarm relays with an eight second delay are included for monitoring or controlling external functions. Interconnected units can be wired so that the alarm relays activate on any alarm or individually. A visible LED indicator flashes once every 40 seconds in standby and rapidly during an alarm when smoke is detected. On interconnected units, only the smoke alarm that detects smoke will flash, thus providing identification of the alarm source.

2012JA smoke alarms offer low voltage operations and have a tamper-proof feature. Screw terminals and a mounting bracket are provided for easy installation. The 2012JA contains a microcontroller which constantly monitors the integrity of the smoke chamber and provides a trouble signal if the chamber tests fails.

Features & Benefits:
  • 85 dB electronic horn with a temporal three pattern
  • Form C relay contact for security panel monitoring
  • Interconnectable up to 12 units
  • Visual alarm and power indicator
  • Built-in eight second delay on relay activation
  • Built-in test/silence switch
  • Twist-on mounting bracket with tamper option for easy installation
  • Dirt-Alert feature helps prevent nuisance alarms by detecting dirt in smoke chamber
  • Removable chamber for easy cleaning
  • Microcontroller monitors for smoke chamber faults
  • ULC to CAN/ULC-S531


  • Detection Sensor Type
    • Photoelectric


  • Detection Sensor Type
    • Photoelectric
  • Detection Sensor Type : Photoelectric