Smoke Detectors

Basic Unit TITANUS TOP SENS® EB 1 With Silent Fan

Basic unit TITANUS TOP SENS® EB 1 with pre-assembled SL fan are used in noise-sensitive areas.

Basic units TITANUS TOP SENS® EB 1 with pre-assembled SL fan are designed for noise-sensitive areas operation. The SL fan reduces the operating volume of the device to up to 23 dB (A) depending on the ambient conditions. Basic units are provided with three alarm levels information alarm, pre-alarm and main alarm as well as with a bargraph display to indicate the specific smoke density. The TITANUS PRO SENS® EB can be directly connected to the esserbus / powered loop. The units are supplied with front foil for single-tube operation.

Features & Benefits:
  • Pre-configured for connecting a DM-TP-xx detector module
  • Optical status display for alarm and fault indication at the front foil
  • Extendable for integrating up to two DM-TP-xx detector modules to connect a second tube
  • Port for air return tube
  • Reduced operating volume up to 23 dB (A) with silencer
  • IP20


  • Brand
    • Esser


  • Brand
    • Esser
  • Brand : Esser
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