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Combination Strobes

SpectrAlert® Advance Horn Strobe

SpectrAlert® Advance horn strobes include a variety of features that increase application flexibility and simplify installation.

SpectrAlert® Advance horn strobes are designed to simplify your installations, with features such as plug-in designs, instant feedback messages to ensure correct installation of individual devices, and 11 field-selectable candela settings for wall and ceiling strobes and horn/strobes.

Features & Benefits:
  • Same mounting plate for wall- and ceiling mount units
  • Shorting spring on mounting plate for continuity check before installation
  • Captive mounting screw
  • Tamper-resistance capability
  • Field-selectable candela settings on wall and ceiling units: 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 95, 110, 115, 135, 150, 177, and 185
  • Automatic selection of 12 or 24V operation at 15 and 15/75 candela
  • Rated from –40 and 151 °F (–40 and 66 °C).
  • Rain-proof per UL50 (NEMA 3R) and weatherproof per NEMA 4X, IP56
  • Minimal intrusion into the backbox
  • Horn rated at 88+ dBA at 16V
  • UL Listed: S4011
  • ULC Listed: S4011
  • FM Approved
  • MEA: 452-05-E
  • CSFM: 7300-1653:0188