INCC-MIC Paging Microphone Module

The Gamewell-FCI, INCC-MIC Paging Microphone Module is a microphone interfaceused for emergency microphone paging.

The Gamewell-FCI, INCC-MIC Paging Microphone Module is a microphone interface used for emergency microphone paging. It is a component of the following Systems:

• E3 Series® Combined Fire and Mass Notification System

• E3 Series Broadband Voice Evacuation System.

The INCC-MIC microphone provides a cost-effective microphone interface module that can be used for paging. When it is installed with the ASM-16 Addressable Switch Module, it provides easy paging to the selected speaker zones with visual indications of paging and zone status. The INCC-MIC Paging Microphone Module can be installed in any of the following types of E3 Series cabinets:

• Cabinet AA

• Cabinet B

• Cabinet C

• Cabinet D

Gamewell-FCI recommends that you install the speakers at 4 ft. (1.2 m) or more from the microphone.

Features & Benefits:
  • Delivers audio feedback cancellation
  • Provides status bit activation when the microphone is in use
  • Built with a preassembled microphone box and a microphone holder
  • Includes a terminal block with an easy-touse plug-in cable
  • Contains a supervised microphone
  • Offers an easy installation
  • Listed under UL® Standard UL2572 for Mass Notification
  • Listed under UL Standard S1869 9th Edition
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • MEA FDNY Approved: COA # 6077


  • Brand
    • Gamewell-FCI


  • Brand
    • Gamewell-FCI
  • Brand : Gamewell-FCI
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