Paging Desk Microphone

Paging Desk Microphones comprises a range of sloping desk consoles with a flexible gooseneck paging microphone. An in-built signal limiting automatic gain control is provided to help compensate for varying operator technique.

Paging Desk Microphones are interfaces all LEDs and switches to the DSP Router by means of a serial interface, while microphone audio is provided as a balanced 0dBu (nominal) analogue signal. All connections are provided through CAT5 cabling terminated with an RJ45 connector. The microphone’s processors are also responsible for generating an outgoing low-frequency surveillance tone which is used to monitor the audio connection to the VAR Router, while microphone capsule monitoring is performed by injection and monitoring of a signal such that either open or short circuit of the capsule or associated wiring will indicate a fault.

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Paging Desk Microphone: 5 Zone: 1.0Kg: −5 to +50C: PTT Button: 180x130x40mm
Paging Desk Microphone: 10 Zone: 1.0Kg: −5 to +50C: PTT Button: 18-40V DC: 180x130x40mm