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Configurable Network Paging Station

The Configurable Network Paging Station is used for live paging, audio task delivery, audio monitoring zones, and intercommunication.

The X-NPMS connects to the X-618 system, transmitting audio and control signal through the Ethernet. It is used for live paging, audio task delivery, audio monitoring zones, and intercommunication.

The device comes with a detachable gooseneck microphone. Users can change different types of microphone for different real-time broadcasting requirements. The received audio signal will be digitalized to eliminate sound distortion during transmission.

The built-in speaker not only can be used for zone monitoring but also full-duplex intercom with other X-NPMS in the network.

X-NPMS supports fail-safe operation. Even when the connected DCS fails, X-NPMS is still able to communicate with other X-NPMS and broadcast through other DCS in the network.

Users can operate directly on the innovative 7-inch color LCD touch screen without adding an extra key module unit. With the touch screen, users can supervise the system status, select broadcast zones, assign zone groups or other broadcast controls, including setting playlists, timing broadcastings etc. With the built-in configuration software, zones broadcast status or button functions can be configured easily.


• POWER indicator: Show power supply status, green means normal.

• RUNNING indicator: Show devices working status, flashing green means normal.

• FAULT indicator: Show faults of system. If there is a fault, the indicator will be flashing yellow. And when the fault is confirmed, it keeps lighting yellow. The indicator will be off when the system is normal.

• NETWORK indicator: Show network status. Yellow means network connection failure. Flashing yellow means network has been connected but the station can’t communicate with other device. Green means normal.

• MIC WORKING STATUS indicator: show the working status of microphone. Yellow means a fault of microphone. Flashing green means broadcasting warning tone. Green means microphone is working. The indicator is off when microphone is normal and not working.

Features & Benefits:
  • Easy touch screen operation with 7’’ TFT LCD screen and simple user interface
  • Optional gooseneck microphone or PTT microphone
  • Built-in loudspeaker for zone audit and talk- back communication function
  • Configurable keys for audio task delivery, zoning and grouping.
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X-NPMS Configurable Network Paging Station, 24V, 11W, 7 Inch, -10C -55C, 1.7Kg, 200x200x46.5mm