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    From digitalization to optimization with artificial intelligence, Honeywell uses automation to meet you where you are now and help you go further.

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    As a Honeywell customer, this is your convenient single source for reviewing product specifications, placing orders and tracking shipments.


    Keep people and places safer, and respond faster

    Stay focused on critical business outcomes without worrying about compromising fire, life safety or security.


    Manage your building’s carbon and energy impact

    Help meet your energy and carbon reduction goals to positively impact operating expenses and build resilience.


    Gain better control of your building operations

    Improve building performance – from a single asset to a full portfolio – using integrated and contextual data.

    Automation to make building operations easier

    Building automation goes beyond building control to optimize performance – from helping manage your carbon footprint and improving incident responses to improving workforce productivity or simplifying day-to-day operations.

    From our buildings, you can see the future



    Improve end-to-end airport operations with automation that improves efficiency and safety while also supporting sustainability goals.







    Commercial Buildings

    Operate a building that helps put occupants first, using automation to help enable productivity, safety and sustainability.







    Data Centers

    Use facility data and automation to help optimize uptime while also improving energy efficiency and operating costs.








    Support safer, more effective learning environments with automation to simplify security, fire safety, air quality and energy use. 








    Support better patient outcomes with integration and automation to streamline staff workflows while improving safety and energy efficiency.








    Create experiences that bring guests back: Use automation to optimize responsiveness and efficiency while reducing energy use and costs.








    Maintain the precision and output of operations with automation to help optimize efficiency, indoor environmental conditions, and energy use.








    Help improve profitability per square foot with automation to optimize comfort and operational efficiency while managing costs and energy use.






    Order and track online, any time

    For Honeywell customers, you now have a single source for reviewing product specs, placing orders and tracking shipments.

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