The Wimbledon Championships is considered the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Played annually in July at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, spectators can expect gameplay across 19 grass courts over 14 days.

With meticulous year-long preparations required, the tournament demands exceptional attention to detail in every aspect, including fire safety. To ensure the utmost safety of players, officials, and spectators, the tournament organisers partnered with Bespoke Detection Services Limited (BDS) and implemented Honeywell's Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) platform.


Prior to adopting CLSS, maintaining and testing the fire detection system at Wimbledon was a manual and time-consuming process. With over 11,000 NOTIFIER by Honeywell fire detectors installed as part of a loop system, regular testing, compliance reporting, and false alarm prevention is crucial to preventing any disruptions during the tournament.


Streamlined Testing and Compliance

By implementing CLSS, BDS transformed the fire detection system at Wimbledon. Fire technicians gained the ability to remotely test and monitor the system, minimising disruption and proving compliance. This efficient process reduced the time required for design, installation, commissioning, inspection, maintenance, and reporting.

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

CLSS provided engineers and on-site maintenance teams with a clear picture of the system's status, enabling efficient maintenance planning and real-time monitoring of events. Detailed system information enhanced first-time fix rates, while control functionality accessible through the mobile app allowed engineers to disable and update NOTIFIER panel outputs, activate sounders, reset panels, and update device labels with ease.

Remote Access and Consolidated View

CLSS's remote access capabilities allowed for consolidated views of multiple systems, making it easier for the maintenance team to monitor progress and access regulatory reports. This feature provided BDS and the Wimbledon safety teams with full visibility of the site-wide network during the Championships, ensuring that fire systems remained fully operational, and any false alarms could be promptly addressed.


Through the adoption of Honeywell's Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) platform, Wimbledon players, officials, and spectators can focus on enjoying the tournament without unnecessary disruptions, further solidifying Wimbledon's reputation as a premier tennis event. Impressed by the success of CLSS at Wimbledon, BDS agreed to expand its usage to other prestigious venues like Lord's Cricket Ground, London, demonstrating the platform's scalability and effectiveness.