Maintaining Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Your building’s air quality should be frequently checked and optimised to comply with industry regulations and guidelines, especially in times of change. Make a plan for proactive maintenance.

Healthier school basics

The summer holiday is a 2-month period in which the facility maintenance team determines what work needs to be done to ensure a properly functioning system for the upcoming school year. Preparing for the school year requires ensuring a safer, more sustainable and smarter campus environment. Our approach focuses on comfort and health protection as indoor air quality is a crucial factor encompassing learning experience delivered by schools and universities to their professors and students. It is an active protection for occupants’ health.

Our projects

Stefan Andres Gymnasium Germany

Centrally managed room control

Geschwister Scholl Schule Germany

Cost-effective solution thanks to system compatibility

Multi-purpose teaching centre Italy

Energy efficiency and integrated management

Indoor air standards

Education systems in Europe face a crisis in school air quality. The last few years have shown how important this matter can be. 

Combined SBC and Honeywell solutions work to help meet indoor air standards in your school buildings as you navigate the inherent uncertainties in a return-ready strategy. Filtration devices in addition to controls, sensors and analytics solutions deliver safe Indoor Air Quality, reducing risks of contamination by airborne pathogens and allergens.

IAQ plan for the summer break

Indoor Air Quality is part of the energy, wellbeing and safety strategies of all mechanical ventilation installations, for new buildings and retrofit. We help to meet the new standards in Air Quality compliant to the industry and governmental safety and sanitization protocols. We provide solutions that are easy to maintain, have benefits beyond the pandemic and improve the student experience.

SBC and Honeywell experts can help you in analysing your actual ventilation and develop hand-in-hand a path for safe and healthy buildings.

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