Centraline products
Centraline products


Integrate systems, optimize energy, lower costs

HVAC systems typically account for about 40% of a building’s energy use, and lighting uses nearly 30% more. When you integrate these and other systems as one, control increases — and costs drop.

Smart solutions

The CentraLine professional partner network delivers innovative Niagara technology, featuring intelligent IoT and big data concepts.

Integrated building management

Niagara eXtended enables full integration of HVAC, lighting, shading, access control, fire alarm systems, CCTV, lift monitoring and more.

Comprehensive portfolio

Our all-encompassing portfolio includes energy management and supervision tools, user interfaces, controllers and field devices.

Perfect partnership

CentraLine partners are trained to ensure the cost-effectiveness of your project now, and the ongoing effectiveness of your project for the years to come.

It takes technology and people to run your buildings right

Our leading Niagara technology and network of 600-plus partners can fully integrate any and all of your building management systems. Together, we can improve your building’s comfort, operational control and energy efficiency.