Leading a Digital Museum Revolution

Welcoming more than 900,000 visitors per year, Auckland War Memorial Museum is one of New Zealand’s most popular man-made tourist attractions and favourite buildings. Established in 1929, this high-profile facility comprises a war memorial, heritage library, an array of Maori and Pacific artefacts, and attracts internationally significant exhibitions and provides educational services to over 60,000 school children annually.

Aligning with Future Museum Strategy – a high-level strategic and capital investment plan that is guiding a process of transformational change at Auckland War Memorial Museum, Honeywell Connected Services leverages the connectivity of buildings to improve facility operations and visitor experience to create an optimal display and storage environment for invaluable artefacts.


  • Transform the facility to a 24/7 global digital museum
  • Increase onsite visitation by 55% by 2032
  • Enhance visitor comfort
  • Reduce the museum’s ongoing operational costs
  • Faster issue identification and rectification
  • Optimal temperature for display and storage of invaluable artefacts

Following on from the implementation of an integrated building management solution and controls strategy to address energy efficiency, Honeywell connected the museum to Connected Services. Connected Services is a portfolio of technologies leveraging Internet of Things technologies, cloud applications and the connectivity of buildings, to improve facility operations and visitor experiences.

  • Digitized Maintenance, a smart suite of services that use real-time data and analytics to help focus maintenance activities for optimizing buildings.
  • Pulse Mobile App connects facility managers, supervisors and engineering staff to buildings and the equipment within it and enables real-time performance tracking to ensure buildings continue operating optimally.

By connecting Auckland War Memorial Museum with Connected Services, the museum achieved greater transparency across building performance, occupant comfort and service maintenance effectiveness.

  • The comfort performance and comfort-zones-out-of-range dashboards empower building operators with the transparency to achieve optimal temperatures for the display and storage of invaluable artefacts consistently, lowering the risk of damage to artefacts and art alike.
  • Predictive service environment with faster identification and rectification of issues.
  • Transparency of service effectiveness initiates all service issues via an automated workflow; app-based notifications promotes timely issue resolution and integrates into reporting and dashboards.
  • Current and supported building management system enable long-term flexibility, operational efficiencies, and reduced risk with open system protocols.
  • The Pulse Mobile App provides a collaborative workflow for faster issue identification and rectification. The comment function within the app helps stakeholders communicate and collaborate more effectively, disclosing individual tasks without overlap or miscommunication. This is a significant step forward from the previous paper-based workflow.

Empowered with Honeywell Connected Services, the Auckland War
Memorial Museum can in future extract greater value from building performance data, enable their Future Museum Strategy including energy reduction, visitor flow optimization, and extend the lifecycle of its critical mechanical plant and more.

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