Groupe VYV, a leading non-profit provider of care and support in France, is on a mission to provide the utmost safety and accessibility for people with disabilities. Operating a network of 60 housing facilities in the Pays de la Loire region that hosts 9,000 care receivers and caregivers, the group wanted to achieve the highest possible level of fire protection for its patients as well as full compliance with local regulations.
Among other things, they knew they would have to streamline their maintenance operations to make it easier to test and inspect the fire systems across all 60 facilities – without having to shut them down or have technicians enter each building and potentially disrupt daily care routines.


Groupe VYV collaborated with ERYMA, a Paris-based firm and an ESSER by Honeywell distributor that has a field office in Angers and specializes in installing, monitoring and maintaining fire and life safety alarm systems. On ERYMA’s advice, the group adopted Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS), a suite of cloud-based tools that reduce the time required for fire system design, installation, inspection and maintenance and enable fire technicians to minimize disruption and prove compliance.

Better system visibility – at any time, from anywhere

Without entering any of Groupe VYV’s buildings, maintenance technicians use the Honeywell CLSS mobile app to monitor the entire fire system to see in real time which devices are activated and which, if any, may soon malfunction.


ERYMA SAS, a unit of Groupe Sogetrel and an ESSER by Honeywell distributor, designs, installs, maintains, and monitors fire protection, electronic security, and access control solutions throughout France. Founded in 1996, the company also offers intrusion detection, CCTV, access control, remote supervision, control and supervision, maintenance, and upkeep. From its headquarters in Paris and its 25 field offices throughout the country, ERYMA serves government ministries, major corporations, small businesses, military sites, police forces, local authorities, and prefectures.

“If there’s ever a problem with one of our alarm systems, ERYMA’s technicians can use CLSS to diagnose it before they enter one of our buildings,” said Alexandre Bruneau, safety manager for Group VYV. “This way, they need to make only one visit to fix it which, in turn, helps our staff focus on what they do best – provide the highest level of care for people with disabilities.”

Enhanced alarm signal reporting

CLSS enhances the overall quality and speed of the end-to-end signal transmission, thus improving the quality and accuracy of fire event reporting.

“By deploying CLSS on behalf of Groupe VYV, we feel that we’ve accomplished a step-change for the safety of their 9,000 residents and staff,” said Guillaume Pinson, fire business manager for ERYMA. “But we at ERYMA believe the benefits of integrating fire and life safety systems into the IoT have yet to be fully realized – which is why we are prioritizing digitalization across all aspects of our technology and operations.”