Don't just be a partner. Be a Catalyst

    The catalyst Partner Program rewards you for your business success by providing benefits designed to help your business grow further.

    We’re transforming the way we support you with a new tiered approach to rewards and recognition. Based on your success, you will be part of a Honeywell Silver, Gold or Platinum membership. As our business partnership grows, our level of support increases in the form of account management, visits, and reviews at each tier. The benefits we offer follow this same trajectory, with increasing access to discounts, rebates, market development funds and more. Our aim is to support the growth of your business, and help maximize the competitive advantage you gain from choosing our products.

    Silver catalyst partner

    Gold catalyst partner

    Platinum catalyst partner

    Your tier status, whether Silver, Gold or Platinum, depends on specific criteria. At the beginning of each calendar year, we will review these criteria with you and re-evaluate your membership category.

    To move up to the next tier level and qualify for more benefits you simply:

    • Take advantage of Honeywell’s wide product offering and increasing your sales of Honeywell products
    • Fulfill mutual transactional obligations
    • Train more of your sales and technical staff in Honeywell solutions

    Are you ready to learn more?
    Reach out to your Honeywell account manager. 

    They will be able to provide further program details and support in developing your catalyst strategy. Let's get started.


    The catalyst Partner Program starts in Q1 2022. You can browse through the Partner Portal, familiarize yourself with the program and enjoy benefits available to you. We will conduct your assessment for the year 2021 and plan to add further benefits during 2022. The whole process will repeat on an annual basis.

    Your membership in the catalyst Partner Program is, of course, voluntary.