Funding Your Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Creating an improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) strategy is critical in preparing to reopen your school safely. Our experts are here to help! 

Improve Your School Indoor Air Quality

Creating a safer learning environment starts with the air our students and teachers breathe. At Honeywell, we believe educators and students of all ages can achieve better results if they know their educational space is Safer, Sustainable and Smart. Our education specialists are ready to help you better understand how to leverage federal funds to implement new technologies for improved air quality. 

Manage Your Indoor Air Quality

We believe there are three steps to cleaning the air and restoring the peace of mind of faculty, staff, and students:

Cleaner Air

Safely neutralize and eliminate contaminants in the air stream.


Track the air quality across campus.


Communicate air health and restore confidence.

Understanding Your Funding Options

Did you know that billions* of dollars in federal funding have been approved for K-12 school to improve air quality? If unused, these funds will be reallocated by the US Department of Education. Speak to a Honeywell expert to see which solutions qualify for funding.*Relief funds are currently available in the United States. Contact us to learn more about funding options for other regions. 

Speak To a Funding Expert

Learn more about available funding options.