Bridge the gap between residential and landlord alarm systems

SAFE system analogue addressable devices let you build a BS5839 Part 6 system that works with a full BS5839 Part 1 system without compromise, bridging the gap between residential and landlord alarm systems.

The SAFE system increases manageability and reduces false alarms

False alarms in HRRBs can cause dangerous and unwarranted evacuations. SAFE systems help reduce, track and manage them.


Integrate the SAFE system with a wide range of applications

The SAFE system—Stop Alarms Falsely Evacuating—is extremely versatile and can be connected with third-party detectors for many applications.


Consultant specification guide

See authoritative information about how SAFE systems should be designed and built.

SAFE as Houses - CPD Training

Learn about fire safety within residential buildings, focusing on best practice solutions using up-to-date fire detection technology designed to protect occupants while reducing unwanted fire signals.