Honeywell wins Gold Edison Award for Self-Testing Series of Fire Detectors in 2023

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Honeywell, a global leader in innovative technologies, has been awarded the prestigious Gold Edison Award in the "Safety & Security" category for its revolutionary Self-Testing Series of Fire Detectors. This recognition, presented on April 20, 2023, in Fort Myers, Florida, highlights the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of product development and innovation.

The Edison Awards are renowned worldwide for honouring exceptional advancements in new products and services. Guided by the legacy of the legendary inventor Thomas Edison and his Menlo Park team, the Edison Awards seek to acknowledge companies that bring ground-breaking innovations to the market.

Receiving an Edison Award™ is an exceptional achievement and represents one of the highest accolades a company can receive in recognition of its commitment to innovation and business success.

The Self-Test Series of Fire Detectors introduces a remarkable technological advancement in fire detection. By leveraging automation, these detectors perform maintenance tests for smoke and heat detection without the need for canned smoke or heat guns. When used in conjunction with a compatible fire alarm control panel and supporting App, the Self-Test detectors fulfil the three essential requirements for detector maintenance established by the National Fire Protection Association: functional test, smoke entry test, and verification of a visual inspection.

Equipped with 14 patents, the Self-Test system revolutionises the traditional manual testing process. Each detector contains an internal module that generates smoke, enabling functional testing of the optical sensor. To ensure unimpeded smoke detection during an actual fire, a small fan expels the smoke through designated entry points and the detectors feature an internal thermistor that safely heats to test the heat sensor. Additionally, an internal Bluetooth Low Energy Emitter (BLE) allows for automatic connection to a mobile phone, assisting engineers in quickly locating the device while conducting visual inspections throughout the building.

Honeywell's cutting-edge fire detection technology seamlessly integrates with its Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) cloud-based platform. This user-friendly interface streamlines the interaction with the fire system, providing a wide range of testing options tailored to the specific needs of the building. By optimising efficiency and speed, the App enables large-scale device testing to be conducted in a fraction of the time. The App facilitates the collection of crucial events, test results, and visual inspection information, empowering engineers to capture images of devices and their surroundings to aid in identifying necessary corrective actions. By embracing a digital approach, Self-Test significantly enhances the overall clarity and comprehensiveness of a building's fire safety.

The Self-Testing Series of Fire Detectors by Honeywell represents a significant milestone in the field of fire detection technology. With its innovative features and automation, it not only enhances the reliability and accuracy of fire detection but also improves efficiency and simplifies the maintenance process. With the implementation of Self-Test, we can confidently stride towards a future where fire risks are minimised, lives are safeguarded, and property is protected..