Embrace the future of smart buildings today

Technology that lays the foundation for smart buildings

Intelligent building systems technology has grown ever more connected

It is the data from these intelligent connections that enables SMART building management. A Trend Building Energy Management System (BEMS) builds on this by offering a frictionless occupant experience and powerful insight into your building’s usage.  Gain critical insights into the use of your built environment including its energy management.

Optimize your energy and service use, provide consistent comfort and manage your building intelligently, without extensive manual work.

The data that you collect through your BEMS can be displayed via user-friendly dashboards and visuals. Integrate multiple systems and sensors within one BEMS and access business-critical data in one place. Enable more informed decision-making and help you understand how your building is being used.

Through these insights, you can make your building more efficient, reducing costs, preventing unplanned downtime, improving the tenant experience and becoming more sustainable. That is the definition of a smart building.

Today’s smart buildings make the most of their energy. Through Trend, many organizations have drastically cut their environmental footprint and carbon emissions, leading to better cost control benefits.

Is your building smart or SMART?

Get ready for the intelligent era and the smart buildings Trend’s BEMS make possible by providing the infrastructure and data needed for implementing the IoT, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous buildings.

Connect IoT devices to your BEMS and help your building become more intelligent.


Use BEMS data to make more informed decisions, improve occupant wellbeing and cut costs.Trends IQ4 and IQVISION reside on Ethernet and utilize TCP/IP, giving you all of benefits of this communications media.


Automatically manage your building services through data and artificial intelligence. Connect with other buildings for city-wide efficiencies.

Discover how Trend can help your smart buildings project