BEMS Offering

Trend has the experience, knowledge and proven capability that is vital for the delivery of expert maintenance and support.

Trend Advance

TREND Advance works with you to create a structured program of monitoring, managing and optimizing your Building Energy Management System. Your system is managed and delivered by either the TREND Advance team or Trend accredited Partners or, in some circumstances, a combination of both. As the requirements of your buildings and their occupants evolve over time, your TREND Advance provision will flex to suit your needs.

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Discover how Trend can improve your BEMS usage through remote services and reports.

Remote Support Services

Employing the Remote Support Team enables building owners and managers to focus personnel on other value-added tasks. 

The Trend Remote Support team is able to monitor the operational and energy efficiency of a building. Their fast response reduces the risk to the building’s day to day operation and minimizes the costs associated with downtime, site visits and energy waste. Employing the Remote Support Team enables building owners and managers to focus personnel on other value-added tasks.


Reporting Services are designed to help customers analyze the data gathered by the Trend BEMS, guiding you quickly and easily to the elements of your systems that needs investigation or improvement.

By working with Honeywell’s Professional Services team, Trend is able to offer a variety of reports as a part of a subscription service. Produced by means of real-time data, they can be delivered at an agreed frequency, or as a “one-off” report.


Our reports can include:

BEMS Risk Assessment

No business or finance leaders like surprises when it comes to unexpected costs, especially when they could have been avoided with advance warning and planning.

Helping you identify and classify the potential risk across your BEMS due to the age of the assets. This report enables the development of a clear and concise risk management plan for budgeting purposes.

Controllers Security Review

This report helps building owners and managers identify and classify security risks across their BEMS assets, providing an understanding of any potential weaknesses in the security of their system.Trends IQ4 and IQVISION reside on Ethernet and utilize TCP/IP, giving you all of benefits of this communications media.

The report assesses the current set up and makes comparisons against manufacturers security Best Practice guidelines, providing building owners and managers with clear recommended actions to improve the security of their operation.

Valve Check Report (coming soon)

Fan coil units that are operating inefficiently can seriously affect energy usage and plant operation. The Valve Check Report enables the quick analysis of large numbers of fan coil units, by helping to direct Facility Management teams to the exact unit where the problem is, saving time and effort on site.

Controls Performance Report (coming soon)

A comprehensive review of your entire BEMS, highlighting any issues with performance that are not in-line with your building’s operational targets. The report can be used to provide supporting evidence to assist in the budgeting process and help to ensure maximum benefit from any upgrade program.

Let’s discover how efficient your building can be

With TREND, we can closely monitor the operational and energy efficiency of any building. Once critical data is collected, TREND turns that information into reports that assess risk, security and overall performance. If that’s the comprehensive oversight you need to manage your building, let’s talk.