Multisite building management made easy.

The Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator powered by Honeywell Forge simplifies remote management of small- and medium-sized buildings with smart, modular capabilities.

Modular, scalable comfort and savings

The Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator is an affordable, cloud-based platform that scales with your organization because when you operate multiple sites, you need a simple yet reliable way to remotely track and optimize energy use.

Sustainable buildings

Measure, manage and optimize energy usage across your portfolio to identify and correct inefficient sites, using an intuitive dashboard that highlights alerts and trends.

Profitable buildings

Remote monitoring and management help prevent unexpected breakage, damage and downtime. Unobtrusive installation and simple maintenance support ongoing business continuity. Intuitive dashboards showing alerts and trends means you’ll optimize operational efficiencies.​

Healthy buildings

With the increased demand to demonstrate building health, proper monitoring and control features can help make sure your building is in good health and that employees, visitors, and occupants are more protected. Monitor air quality with the Honeywell Healthy Building Dashboard.


Reduced energy use

Automatic HVAC control based on machine learning to optimize setpoints.


See your locations and troubleshoot remotely to reduce service calls.


Improve occupant comfort and customer satisfaction.


Help improve employee productivity with optimized indoor air quality.

How it works

Monitor your sites via a secure, cloud-based dashboard that analyzes data from our modular ecosystem of wireless devices and sensors to track KPIs such as occupant comfort, operational productivity and portfolio management.

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Not all small and medium buildings are the same.

Honeywell Small and Medium Building Administrator enables your building portfolio across many industry applications.


Reduce customer complaints through increased temperature, humidity and air quality control.

Convenience store

Reduce the loss of perishables with alarm for high and/or low temperatures and remotely monitor to trouble shoot sites, reducing service calls.

Quick serve restaurant

Provide a comfortable, healthier and safer environment for employees and customers.


Support uninterrupted service to help maintain profitability.


Increase visibility of your entire portfolio in one dashboard to manage one location or one hundred.


Maintain ideal temperature and humidity to all customers who have various needs.

Light medical

Improve occupant comfort to optimize performance and operational productivity.

Fitness center

Optimize customer comfort while managing HVAC usage.

Child care

Do more with less with an easy-to-install and maintain energy management system.

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