KAC Call Points
KAC Call Points


Leading you back to safety since 1975

For over 40 years, our call point and audiovisual evacuation solutions have been pushing the envelope of innovation. Our technology ensures the safest evacuation possible, now and in the future.

Get the right help in a hurry

Explore the most comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor call points, tailor-made for commercial fire and security applications.


Advance the rush to safety

Our solutions use high-output LEDs, innovative optics and powerful audio features, enhancing your building’s safety and enabling swift evacuation.



Tailor switches to your needs

Choose from an enhanced range of keyswitch devices suitable for fire, security, smoke vent and extinguishant applications.


A lifesaving level of quality

We develop solutions that set new safety standards and enable the safest evacuations possible. Our call points and audiovisual devices help reduce risks and pave the way to a faster, more efficient means of protecting people and property.